Registration \ Policies

Students may not attend and will not receive credit for any course for which they are not properly registered. To be registered, a student must file a registration form with the Registrar during the period designated for that purpose and must, in addition, make appropriate arrangements with the Bursar to meet his or her financial obligations to the College. Graduate or upper level undergraduate students may register by fax, at (631)244-1055,phone at (631)244-3250 or through our web page.

Registration in On Line Courses
With the exception of Dowling College NYS Department of Education registered and approved Distance Education programs, students cannot earn greater than 50% of their total credits in on line courses. Unless otherwise noted, on line credits toward undergraduate programs are not to exceed 60 credits and on line credits toward graduate programs are not to exceed 12 credits.

Course Load
During the Fall and Spring semesters, the normal course load for a full-time student is 12 to 17 credits. An advisor may recommend that a student carry more or less than a normal course load. Loads of more than 19 credits are subject to approval of the Provost in accordance with the policies of the Committee on Academic Standards. The maximum course load during the Winter and Summer semester is eight credits, unless an exception is granted by the Dean of Students.

Since the classroom experience and interchange of ideas through discussion cannot be duplicated or repeated, all students are expected to attend classes regularly. Responsibility for making up work missed through absence rests entirely with the student. Students absent for more than one week have the responsibility of reporting their absence to the Dean of Students.

Maintenance of Matriculation
Students in good academic standing may take a leave of absence from the College of up to one year without forfeiting their status as a matriculating student. They do this by completing and filing a Maintenance of Matriculation form with the Dean of Students. As nonregistered but matriculated students, they are eligible to use the facilities of the College on the same basis as other students. They continue to have access to their assigned advisor. Students who maintain matriculation may return at will and continue throughout their career at Dowling to be governed by the Catalog effective at the time of original entry. Students who maintain matriculation will receive regular communications from the College advising them of registration opportunities and providing them with a copy of forthcoming Schedules of Classes. Students who maintain matriculation pay a maintenance fee of $53.00 per semester. Students who fail to maintain matriculation but who subsequently reapply for admission will be charged a $25.00 readmission fee.

Students who fail to maintain matriculation must apply for readmission and will be charged a $25.00 readmission fee. Readmission will be granted or denied on the basis of then current circumstances, and will be governed by the Catalog in effect at the time of readmission. A student dismissed for reasons of poor scholarship may apply for readmission after one calendar year. Applications for readmission must be approved by the Academic Standards Committee. If admitted, the student is placed on academic probation for the returning semester. All students readmitted to the College are subjected to the Catalog requirements in effect at the time of readmission.

New York State Public Health Law section #2165 requires college students to demonstrate proof of immunity against measles, mumps, and rubella as a condition of attendance. Two doses of live measles are required. For more information, visit Health Services.

Policy for Reporting The Annual Disclosure of Crime Statistics
The Advisory Committee on Campus Safety will provide upon request all campus crime statistics as reported to the U.S. Department of Education. Individuals may request a hard copy of such crime statistics from the College, which will be mailed to the individual within ten days by calling the Director of Security at 631-244-3371.

These statistics can be obtained from the Dowling College Right to Know Report along with the College's administrative regulations and programs to educate the college community regarding security and crime prevention. The U.S. Department of Education web site for campus crime statistics is

For more information refer to the Dowling Student Handbook.