Study in Perú: Discover others and rediscover yourself

Join James Browning on as he shares with you his life-changing experience during his four-and-a-half month study at the University of Lima.

Discovering others:

James would like to share with other students his Peruvian experience, which includes University life, friendships, culture, traditions, food, and more. James is grateful to Dowling College for having an exchange program with the U. of Lima, and he would like to motivate students to enrich their lives by taking advantage of this academic opportunity.

James Testimony:

The academic life in the U. of Lima and the friendships that I developed lead me to a vital reexamination of my own habits, thoughts, and attitudes. Each day was like an epiphany, a dreamlike experience shaped by friends, books, and discussions, all of which reconfigured my sense of being. Each day, my gratitude grew for the people who gave me their warm hospitality. "Who am I," I thought? The answers continue to multiply since my experience at the University of Lima.

Please join us on Thursday, April 23, in the Conference Room (KSC) and meet James Browning. Perhaps you will be the next exchange student at the U. of Lima!

If you have any questions, please call or e-mail Dr. Yu-wan Wang, Ext. 5093 /