Inventory Control

January 14 – February 25, 2007

Reception: February 11, 2007 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Gallery Talk with curator Judith Page at 2:00 pm

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Through painting, photography, sculpture, computer graphics and video, seven artists -- Elise Engler, Susan Hamburger, Dahlia Elsayed, Chris Bors, Josh Jordan, Charley Friedman and Jim Costanzo -- give us a window into the world of their personal inventory.

Judith Page says in her essay, “Controlling one’s inventory is essential”. This exhibition examines the work of artists that who look at inventory in terms of possessions, information, and personal emotions.

Each artist focuses on different aspects and interpretations of this theme. Elise Engler’s colored pencil drawings record all of her personal effects from 1998. Susan Hamburger’s small paintings of her kitchen inventory this one fragmentary slice of her world. Using predominantly text, Dahlia Elsayed’s paintings make us aware of the emotional changes we may experience during major shifts in the seasons. Artist Chris Bors uses video and electronic media as his medium of choice to inventory his own personal experiences at a rock concert in 2003. Women are the subject of Josh Jordan’s drawings and paintings of beautiful women he had the pleasure to draw during a brief ride on the L train. Charley Friedman symbolically equates each strand of wool to a person, and their place world, in the hand-made latched carpet that signifies the world political situation.

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