Zachary Scher

Zachary Scher
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design & Digital Arts /
Game Design & Development

Visual Arts



Zachary Scher holds an M.A. in Graphic Communications Management and Technology from New York University.  Before academia, Zach worked in various advertising agencies as well as consulted for different businesses from Long Island and Manhattan. Zach also owns and is the President of a Long Island based Marketing/Advertising agency called Zartwork Designs Inc. for the last 10 years where he oversees the production of Websites, Mobile Applications, Online and Offline Marketing Campaigns, and various forms of print and promotional materials.

At Dowling, Zach teaches in both the Graphic Design & Digial Arts program and the newly founded Game Design & Development program. Zach was also one of the team members who created both of the new B.F.A. programs for each discipline. He enjoys teaching because it provides him with the opportunity to give his students insight to the creative world and what is expected of them once they graduate.

  • VGD 1064N Digital Imaging I
  • VGD 1075N Introduction to Graphic Design
  • VGD/CSC 1150N Web Design I
  • VGD 1200A Game Design and Development I
  • VGD 2024A Digital Illustration I
  • VGD 2030A Page Layout I
  • VGD 2065N Digital Imaging II
  • VGD 2068A UI/UX Design
  • VGD 2069N Advanced Graphic Design
  • VGD 2071A Platform Gaming Concepts & Analysis
  • VGD 2072A Search Engine Optimization and Analytics
  • VGD 2073A History of Gaming
  • VGD 2150A Web Design II
  • VGD 2200A Story & Character Design for Gaming
  • VGD 3000A Typography I
  • VGD 3059A Game Design & Development II
  • VGD 3071A Digital Illustration II
  • VGD 3083A Page Layout II
  • VGD 4072A Video Game Business
  • VGD 4075A Typography II
  • VGD 4170A Professional Practices Seminar