The 7th Annual Long Island Youth Summit will take place on April 8, 2016 in Oakdale, NY.

The Summit will bring together over 300 talented high school students for a day of interactive workshops with experts in the fields of medicine, environment, business and the economy, and leadership. The Summit offers students a unique opportunity to represent their high school and the youth of Long Island.

The participation in this program is free for high school students and teachers; there are no costs involved in submitting projects.

The Summit is designed to engage high school students in an exploration of important current socio-medical, environmental and socio-economic issues. The Summit is a partnership among a number of Long Island organizations that include Dowling College, North Shore LIJ Health System, Vision Long Island, and Citizens Campaign for the Environment, among many others.

Summit participants will be chosen by the LIYS Selection Committee based on the quality of their projects.

Submitted projects will be evaluated on the basis of five rubrics: (1) how many topic issue questions have been answered?; (2) how well (in depth) a selected topic is covered; (3) is there an original research and/or a creative contribution to a project?; (4) have students presented their own ideas about the future of Long Island and/or solutions to the issues?; (5) the quality of presentation and the quality of content integration.

We encourage additional research and original contributions by students. Original art and video projects can relate to topics but we do not expect these to contain answers to all topic questions. Creative exploration of a topic by students is highly valued by the Selection Committee.

Students selected as finalists to participate in the Summit conference on April 8, 2016 will attend workshops with top experts in environmental, socio-medical, and socio-economic fields. Students who will be selected as topic category winners will be offered opportunities to take a paid internship with the North Shore LIJ Health System and with other Summit sponsor organizations. All student finalists will also receive a Certificate of Participation in the 2016 LIYS. The essays, video/film and art/photography projects of participants may be featured in exhibits at Dowling College as well as various media outlets on Long Island.

You will find everything you need to participate in the Summit at
  1. On the website, go to the Hold My Spot link and complete the registration information. This above referenced step informs us that you are interested in participating.
  2. Next, go to the Issues on Long Island section. Each issue heading (for example, Socio-Medical Issue 1: Bullying, Cyber-Bullying and Social Networking) has Focus Questions and E-links that are readily accessible by double-clicking the heading. For issues with subtopics (e.g., Environmental Issues), you should double-click on the subtopic for the Focus Questions and E-links.
  3. Decide which issue or issues you find most interesting. You can also choose one or more subtopic(s). The issues and subtopics are:
    1. Socio-Medical Issues – Subtopics: Bullying, Cyber Bullying and Social Networking; Teens and the Abuse of Prescription Medications; and Teen Mental Health, Self Esteem, and Well Being;
    2. Environmental Issues – Subtopics: The Issue of Solid Waste; Renewable Energy; Protection of Water; and The Future of LI:Climate Change;
    3. (3) Community Issues – Subtopics: Living on Long Island: Economic Development, Housing, Transportation, and Community; Inequality on Long Island: Race, Class, Education and the Economy.
    4. (4) Special Issue – Leadership.
  4. Using the Focus Questions, start to research the issue or subtopic(s) you've chosen by using the links provided under each Focus Question. The links and websites are helpful resources, although your project is not limited to these links and websites. We encourage you to explore a topic in more depth. Please incorporate original ideas and solutions in your project.
  5. You should obtain a good understanding of the issue(s) as a result of your research. Next you must decide on a particular project to implement that will address the issue topic or subtopic(s) and focus questions you've chosen.
  6. These are the specific project requirements:

    Essay Project - Essays should be between 1,000 and 5,000 words. Essays must be one or two students' original work.

    Art/Photography - Photography projects should include no more than a total of 20 images. Use of photo enhancement programs is permitted. Photographic prints must be provided and should be at least 4"x6". A photography project can be the work of more than one student (up to 10 students on one project), but must be students' own product. Art projects should include no more than 20 images, whether drawings, paintings, etc. An art project can be the work of more than one student (up to 10 students on one project), but must be students' own product.

    Video/Film Project - Video/Film projects should be no more than 12 minutes long in final form. A video/film project can be the work of more than one student (up to 10 students), but must be the students' own product.

  7. Complete your project. If you have questions about the essay or other projects, you may speak with your teacher or send an email to Dr. Nathalia Rogers at  You can also click on the Contact Us link on the LIYS webpage, type in your question, email address, and hit "Send." If you prefer to speak with someone at the LIYS about your project, please call us at (631) 244-3116.
  8. Submit your completed project An essay project can be submitted to your high school (to your teacher or person designated at your school to receive LIYS projects), or you can submit it directly online by clicking on High School Students at the top of the LIYS webpage, and then Submit My Project. Please be sure to provide your contact information. Only essays can be submitted online. All non-essay projects should be delivered to: LIYS Selection Committee; Provost's Office, Fortunoff Hall, Room 226; Dowling College, 150 Idle Hour Boulevard; Oakdale, NY 11769.

All projects must be received by the LIYS Selection Committee by no later than Tuesday, March 1, 2016.

We look forward to receiving your project!


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Youth Summit Winners

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