William Indick

William Indick
Professor of Psychology



Dr. William Indick is a Professor of Psychology at Dowling College. He earned his bachelors degree in psychology (1993) and masters degree in music therapy (1996) from New York University. After working as a special education teacher, a music therapist, and as a creative arts therapist, he earned his Ph.D. in developmental psychology (2001) from Cornell University. His doctoral dissertation research focused on moral development. Dr. Indick’s research area is Media Psychology. He co-created the senior seminar, “Psychology in Film” (ASC 4148C), with Dr. Marcus Tye of the Psychology Department, and the senior seminar, “The Western” (ASC 4151C), with Dr. James Tate of the English Department. He also created the advanced seminar in psychology, “Psychological Science Fiction in Film” (PSY 4188), the senior seminar, “The Psychology of Fantasy in Literature in and Film (ASC 4157C), and most recently, “Media Psychology (PSY 4171C). Dr. Indick is currently writing books that explore the effects of media on psychological domains such as spirituality, mental illness, attention, and memory.

  • PSY 4171C Media Psychology
  • ASC 4148C Psychology in Film
  • ASC 4157C The Psychology of Fantasy in Literature and Film
  • PSY 2015A Developmental Psychology I
  • PSY 2016A Developmental Psychology II
  • PSY 2017A Psychology of Aging
  • PSY 3125A Abnormal Child & Adolescent Psychology
  • PSY 4188C Psychological Science Fiction in Film
  • PSY 3112C Theories of Personality
  • PSY 3171A Research Methods in Psychology
  • ASC 4151C The Western

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