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September 2011

College News

Meeting Dr. Jeremy D. Brown; Dowling College’s New President ?

by Peter Rice

At the end of the 2010 academic year, Robert J. Gaffney abruptly announced his resignation as president of Dowling College. Initially, Gaffney planned on leaving upon the…

Favorite Dowling Professor Terminated from Administrative Position ?

by Arianna Lindbergh

OAKDALE, NY – In the secluded Music House of Dowling College, there is one more vacant room. Professor…

Resident Life as Dowling College ?

by Leanette Capella

Dowling College Residential Halls provide its students with the amazing experience of living away from home. There are two…

Dowling Clubs

The following organizations have a few updates that you may be interested in:

Student Air Traffic Control ?

Music Club ?

Raven’s Quill ?

The Flight Simulation Tutoring Club ?


History Club ?

Alpha Eta Rho ?

Keeping it Real ?

The Business Society ?

Science Exploration Club ?

Campus Events

The Anthony Giordono Gallery ?

by Melissa Theodorakatos

Students who walk through the Rudolph Campus on a regular basis are aware of the beautiful and vast scenery…

Student Spotlight

SGA President Honored at Leadership Conference ?

by Alyssa Copeland

It has been a common occurrence since I have moved to Long Island four years ago to hear many of my friends and family members (particularly the younger ones) say…

Professor Interviews

Getting to Know your Professor: Dr. Eric Shyman

by Peter Rice

You have registered for classes, bought the required textbooks, and adjusted to your new schedule. But something seems to be missing. You have been taking notes…

General News and Entertainment

Summer of Movies ?

by Stephen F. Sullivan

The box office had huge hits during the summer filled with sequels, reboots, and finales. Arguably, the most…

Music of the Summer ?

by Stephen F. Sullivan

Top 40 music never ceases to be interesting, with singles and albums from huge names dropping this past summer. Arguably…

Comic Book Review: I Killed Adolf Hitler by Jason ?

by Mark Breckles

If the title does not get you interested, everything else about the comic will. I Killed Adolf Hitler is the type of comic that will…

A Family Farm Falls ?

by Arianna Johnson

Imagine owning a farm that has been passed down for generations, then having it all taken away…

Student Literature

The Beholder ?

by Caroline Galeotafiore

I. Awake to an Illusion ?

by Melissa Theodorakatos

Recipe Corner

A Summer’s Internship ?

by Arianna Johnson

This summer, I was lucky enough to have an internship at Dan’s Papers in the Hamptons. To be perfectly honest, I could not have asked for a…


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