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Materials in the Archives

Materials in the Archives

For a list of all materials in the Archives (most recently published, first), search the catalog, or for popularly requested items see:


Alumni Newsletters

Announcements Archives

Scroll down the page to retrieve announcement archives from 2003 to the present.

Campus Directories / Faces of Dowling

Print Copies: Archives Location 52 F+G: Requires appointment to use.

Faces Of Dowling Online Version (See librarian for access)

Campus Invitations

Print Copies: Archives Location 52A: Requires appointment to use.

Commencement Programs

Print Copies: Archives Location 52B: Requires appointment to use.


Conatus in the Library Catalog

Course Schedules

You can search from Summer Term I, 2004 to the present.

Print Copies: Archives Location 51E: Requires appointment to use.

Dissertations at Dowling

Dowling Catalogs (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Print Copies: Archives Location 51A-D: Requires appointment to use.

Dowling College Calendar

You can search from January 2005 to the present.
Print Copies: Archives Location 51D: Requires appointment to use.

Dowling College Mane News

Dowling College Viewbooks

Print Copies: Archives Location 52 D: Requires appointment to use.

2013 Viewbook

Dowling College Weekly Roar

Faculty Administration Senate (FAS) Minutes

Print Copies: Archives Location 18 A-E: Requires appointment to use.

Faculty Publications

Print Copies: Special Collections Locations 37 + 38: Requires appointment to use.

The Lion’s Voice: Campus Newspaper

Print Copies: Archives Location xx: Requires appointment to use.

Long Island Economic and Social Policy Institute Reports

News and Information Also Known as “Dowling in the News”

Print Copies: Archives Locations 19 - 20A: Requires appointment to use.

Literary Magazine: Riverrun

Print Copies: Archives Location 52C: Requires appointment to use.

Riverrun 2006

Riverrun 2009

Riverrun 2010


Print Copies: Archives Location 21A-D: Requires appointment to use.