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Dowling College Library Wiki

II Wiki

Information Instruction Reviews

The purpose of this wiki is for all of the librarians teaching information instruction sessions to be able to share their experience.

II Comments

Please post here any comments, tips, gripes, ideas, issues, thoughts, rants, or raves you would like to share regarding conducting Information Instruction in general. This “discussion spot” is not for specific Dowling Courses or subjects, but rather for II instructors to share their thoughts or help solve problems related to Information Instruction.

General Handouts

Add here any general handouts that you’ve developed, such as APA Cheatsheets, boolean powerpoints, etc.

Existing Pages

If you are entering information on an existing page, click on the course number, look through the page and see where you would like to add comments. To do so:

  1. Click on the Edit Section link that appears on the right side of the page and enter your comments. Please add your initials to the end of what you add so it’s easy to identify you in case someone wants to ask you questions.
  2. Be sure to enter your name in the author box before saving.

New Pages

If you are entering information on a page that doesn’t yet exist - denoted by those with a question mark following them - follow these steps:

  1. When you click on the course number, it will open an edit window that will show you the new page template all at once
  2. Put in your name as the author and click on “Save”
  3. You will then be able to edit the page by sections instead, which should make entering info easier.

Courses Being Taught

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