Visual Arts

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Dowling College Visual Arts Department

Dowling’s School of Arts and Sciences degree programs are constructed upon a well-rounded core curriculum of arts and humanities, natural science, math, and social sciences. These are the classic building blocks that ensure career versatility in an ever-changing world. The Visual Arts Department now offers three different degrees that will prepare students for careers in the arts. Our Fine Arts program allows you to cultivate your expressive and critical skills basic to artistic growth. You will also become familiar with the rich heritage of the painting, sculpture, and architecture of previous and current civilizations. Our Graphic Design and Digital Arts program is oriented toward commercial art fields, and your study of art will focus on practical applications and standards in the field. Using current multi-platformed software, students will learn professional layout and design, concept development, design-oriented problem-solving, and the history of the medium. Finally, our new Game Design and Development program puts students right into the forefront of one of the fastest growing job markets. Students will learn how to design and create games on all of the major platforms, mobile devices, and online as well.