Virginia Walker Publishes New Book

Virginia Walker, Associate Professor, Adjunct Faculty, of the Dowling English Department, and fellow poet, Michael Walsh, have a new poetry book, Neuron Mirror, just published by Local Gems Poetry Press, a company created by James Wagner, a graduate of Dowling College.

Neuron Mirror is dedicated to the mother of Virginia Walker, Helen Shields, and four poets, Diana Chang, Robert Long, Siv Cedering, and Antje Katcher, who died from pancreatic cancer. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to pancreatic cancer research for prevention and cure.

The book includes poems on many subjects, including the Silk Road and creatures from the sea. Michael Walsh is trained as an anthropologist, while Virginia Walker has a Ph.D. in British and American literature. Daniel Thomas Moran, former Suffolk County Poet laureate, says, in the introduction to the book:  “And so here on this dense yet elegant collection we see the perspective from two sides of the mirror, Walker the poet informed by science and Walsh, the scientist informed by poetry. Both are alchemists of their craft.”

Contact: Virginia Walker
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