Undergraduate Secondary Teacher Certification Program

Undergraduate Secondary Teacher Certification Program

For the purpose of teacher certification by the State of New York, Secondary Education is categorized as Middle Childhood Education for grades 5 through 9, and Adolescence Education for grades 7 through 12. The emphasis of the Secondary Teacher Certification program is on the subject the student plans to teach, on a series of sequential education courses that prepare the teacher candidate to successfully confront the challenges of teaching, and on two practical supervised student teaching experiences at both the Middle School and High School levels.

Students, in conjunction with Education and Content Area advisors, design a program that will provide them with necessary instructional and classroom management skills, as well as content area courses required for the Dowling College degree and for New York State Teacher Certification. Students are requested to meet with the Coordinator of Secondary Education early in their program in order to keep informed about change In New York State Teacher Certification and Dowling degree requirements.

Certification Areas:
Students may be certified in the following areas:

Earth Science
Social Studies
Theatre Arts
Visual Arts
Business and Marketing

Undergraduate Initial Certification
Recommended sequence of courses and credits

Upper Sophomore 
PSY 2016A Developmental Psychology II   3
EDA 2139N Culture and Diversity: Educational Issues and Influences  3

Lower Junior
EDA 3152N Foundations of Teaching and Learning in Inclusive Adol. Education  3
EDA 1160A The Middle School and the Middle School Child  3
EDL 4149N Literacy Acquisition II  3

Upper Junior
EDS 1081A Introduction to Exceptional Children  3
EDL 4150A Teaching Reading in the Content area  3
LIB 1101N Introduction to Academic Research  1

Lower Senior
EDA 3127N Curriculum Development (EDA 3128 co-requisite) requires*  3
EDA 3128N Instructional Methods and Management (EDA 3127 is co-requisite)  3

Upper Senior
EDA 4195N Subject Methods Seminar  3
EDA 4196N Supervised Student Teaching requires*  3

Students need 30 credits minimum in content, 6 credits in foreign language.

*In addition to course registration, students are required to register with the Director of Educational Placements by November 15 for Spring semester student teaching, and by May 1 for Fall semester student teaching. Field placements will be at the discretion of the Director of Educational Placements.

In addition:
Pass edTPA (education Teacher Performance Assessment), EAS (Educating All Students Test), ALST (Academic Literacy Skills Test), CST (Content Specialty Test), DASA Workshop (Dignity for All Student Act), Drug Abuse Workshop, Child Abuse Workshop, Violence Prevention Workshop, Fingerprinting Workshop (Prior to part-time field placement), GPA of 3.0 or higher.

For further information see Dowling College Undergraduate Catalog Pages 47-49