Touro Law Center Joint JD

Dowling College/Touro Law Center Joint JD/MBA Program

Dowling College and Touro Law Center have developed a dual JD/MBA degree that is designed to provide lawyers with the theoretical and analytical skills of business and management to supplement their legal studies. As lawyers are more and more often called upon to take decision-making roles in government and business, the multi-disciplinary skills this program offers are invaluable to success.

Students entering the joint JD/MBA degree program must independently gain admission to the Law Center and to the School of Business at Dowling College. The joint program requires four years of full-time study to complete (longer on a part-time basis) rather than the usual five years required if each program were pursued independently.

Students seeking entrance into the program should contact the Touro Law Center Admissions Office at Students interested in the M.B.A. portion of the degree should contact Dowling’s School of Business at