Withdrawal From College:

A student voluntarily withdrawing from the College must immediately notify the Office of Student Services or Office of the Registrar. Notification must be in writing and should give the reason for the withdrawal. Grades for the semester from which the student has properly withdrawn will be reported as W’s on the final transcript. The schedule for tuition refunds for withdrawing students is given below. Students who discontinue attendance without notification will be recorded as having failed their work for the semester. These students are responsible for their total tuition and fees.

Withdrawal From Courses:

A course withdrawal is made on the appropriate form and filed in the Registrar’s Office. A student may withdraw from a course during the period allotted for course changes with no notation of enrollment in the course being recorded on the student’s record. Students are permitted to withdraw from a course with a grade of W anytime after the last day of course changes and before midterm (see academic calendar.) After midterm, but prior to the final examination, a grade of W or WF will be given as determined by the instructor based on the student’s work to that time. Leaving a course without notifying the instructor and filing the appropriate form may result in having a grade of WF reported for that course. WF grades will be included in the computation of the student’s quality-point average.

The effective date of withdrawal for refund, if any, will be the date when formal written notice is received by the Office of the Registrar. Please refer to the Catalog for complete withdrawal and refund policies. This catalog is available from Enrollment Services upon request.

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