Students Guide To Graduation

Applying for Graduation

Even if you do not plan on attending the commencement ceremony, you MUST complete an application in order to receive your diploma or certificate.

Graduation applications are now available for:

* AUGUST 2016  *

To Apply for Graduation:

  • Go to the Student Information System
  • click “Student Services and Financial Aid”
  • click “Student Records”
  • click “Apply to Graduate”

(Please note that your account will be charged a $100 graduation fee at the time your application is processed.)

All operating and outstanding charges which appear on your Dowling College account must be cleared. If you hold any student loans, you are required to complete an Exit Interview, which will inform you of your rights and responsibilities (including information on deferments, forbearance and consolidation).

  • For Direct Loan Exit Interview, go to the Direct Loan Service Center’s website – to complete the Exit online. (Please note: You will need your U.S. Dept. of Ed PIN number to complete the exit.)
  • For Perkins Loan Exit Interview, contact Sharon DiNapoli at 631-244-3222.
  • For all other questions regarding financial obligations, please contact the office of Student Financial Services at 631-244-1818.

In order to insure a timely and successful completion of the auditing and verification process, all application deadlines will be strongly enforced!!

Thank you for your cooperation in this important process. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Degree Audit at 631-244-5080, or email

Dori Byan
Degree Audit Administrator