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Meet:Shivon Roach

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Shivon Roach

Q: What were your thoughts and feelings about negotiating the college environment when you first arrived at Dowling?
A: Upon entering Dowling, adjusting within my new environment wasn’t as complicated as I expected. I must say that all my concerns were answered in a timely manner. Dowling is one of the few schools that I know of in which “personal” needs and wants are provided for within the means of each student.

Q: What was/were the most challenging adjustment(s) to college life?
A: The most challenging adjustment upon entering college was time management. Setting up my own schedule was new for me. Usually, in high school, our schedule is setup where we just follow the daily routine. That I have to say was the biggest adjustment of them all.

Q: How did participation with Student Support Services help in this process?
A: Student Support Service assisted me with managing my time. My advisor and I devised a plan on how to manage my time effectively.

Q: How did getting involved in campus life affect your level of commitment to college?
A: My involvement in campus life occupies my free time with fun and interesting activities. It gives me a sense of citizenship within the Dowling community. I have a chance to explore and learn more about Dowling. It is a way for me to voice my ideas and opinions within the school when it pertains to the student body.

Q: How have you achieved a balance among the many facets of your life: academic, social and personal?
A: I accomplished balancing the many facets in my life by setting my priorities first. My primary purpose attending school is to secure my education. Therefore, having a social life and participating in any extra curriculum activity is secondary.

Q: What is your major and minor course of study?
A: I am a Special and Elementary Education major with a concentration in history.

Q: Are there any things that you would have done differently if you had the chance?
A: There are several things I would have done differently if I had the mindset I currently have. However, I am pleased with the direction in which my life is heading. There is always room for improvement that is something I constantly do when I fall short in a particular area or subject.

Q: Is there any particular advice you can offer incoming freshmen students?
A: There is a saying that always comes to mind “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” I urge freshmen to stick out the hard times and restless nights with writing and studying for classes. Enjoy walking the pathway of earning your degree. I assure you that hard work does pay off in the long run and along the way. Get advice and help when you feel you are weak in a subject area. Dowling faculty is committed to helping their students earn an A.