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Meet: Nancy Garcia

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Q: What is your major and minor?
A: Dual – Elementary and Special Ed and a minor in psychology.

Q: How has Student Support Services helped you?
A: When I first started Dowling, all I wanted to do was get my degree and graduate. I remember thinking I don’t have time to be a part of clubs and organizations. I just wanted to focus on passing my classes. Now, thanks to SSS, I am on the National Dean’s List, Kappa Delta Pi (Education Honor Society), Council for Exceptional Children, and the SSS Mentoring program; I even organize events at Dowling College.

Nancy Garcia SSS has helped me in so many valuable ways. For example, not only did they inform me of the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship-they nominated me. I wouldn’t have received the scholarship without them. They constantly motivate and encourage me to do my best. When I found out I was going to Dallas on behalf of the scholarship, the first thing I did was call Rhoda Miller to tell her the great news. She was so excited for me; I just wanted to bring her with me. I have made many life-long friends and some are even professors!!! SSS has helped me to demonstrate leadership skills and community involvement.

Q: What are some academic challenges you have overcome?
A: When I first started, I had such a hard time. I thought that college was not for me; I was always stressed. SSS showed me how to go about writing a paper and how to research information. Together we decided which professors and classes would be best suited for me and my style of learning. Joining SSS was the smartest move I ever made; they helped my time at Dowling go a lot smoother and every path they have led me on has been rewarding.

Q: What are your career plans?
A: Now that I have received the scholarship to continue my education, I am considering going on to graduate school-possibly C.W. Post, New York University or Adelphi-for technology in education.

Q: Do you have any regrets or things you wish you had done differently while in school?
A: I think that I would have liked to have lived on campus and joined more clubs and organizations sooner. I also would have run for class president and traveled more with Dowling to other countries, maybe even studied abroad a semester or two.

Q: Any last thoughts about Dowling?
A: The folks at SSS have gone out of their way to help me be successful while I am in college and to make sure that I continue to be successful after I graduate. Anytime I had a question or needed help with selecting classes, they were always there without hesitation. I am definitely going to miss it. I wish they offered a master’s degree in technology in education or psychology. If they did, I would continue for my master’s degree here. SSS makes you smile and encourages you to succeed. They lend an ear, share words of praise, and always want to help us students be the best we can be. Dowling’s motto, “Why Follow When You Can Lead,” first attracted me to the school and now I feel it has come true for me.