Keeping it Real

Keeping it Real

Keeping It Real (KIR) is an SGA organization designed to support students as they transition to Dowling College, academically, socially, and recreationally. Providing lower to upper class peer mentoring, the goal of the organization is to create an environment contoured to address issues of campus community, student engagement, and academic and social persistence. Ultimately, the club offers peer- to- peer assistance through the maze of the Dowling College experience.”

One important function of this group is to provide academic help for students. The Milk and Cookies program was created to respond to this need. Milk and Cookies is a regularly scheduled event that takes place during midterms & finals. It provides peer tutoring, camaraderie and refreshments to the general population of students in a warm and welcoming environment. These events take place at Tutoring Center as well as the Lions Den. Peer Tutors are either students participating in the Peer 2 Peer program who need to make up hours or specific students with a strong aptitude in a particular subject (e.g. math or aviation). There are a large number of students who are not tutors, but instead act as facilitators who help set up and break down the events, greet people and provide an overall enjoyable environment for students who come and seek academic help.


Planned events include the One Love Barbecue and Milk and Cookies tutoring events.

President: Melissia Escobar

Reserve your place at our Graduate Student Info session Tuesday November 18th from 5:30PM-7:30PM
Reserve Your Place at our Fall Open House Saturday November 15th 9AM-3PM!