Student Government Association

Student Government Association

It is the responsibility of our Student Government Association (SGA) to:

  • Stimulate interest, involvement, and cooperation in self-government.
  • Establish and maintain conditions leading to high scholastic and creative achievements.
  • Foster and develop in the student body a spirit of democratic student life.
  • Foster cooperation between all student organizations.

When does the SGA meet?

Meetings of the SGA are open to all undergraduate students of Dowling College by virtue of having paid the Student Activities Fee. Therefore, all students are welcomed and encouraged to attend meetings of the SGA. All meetings begin at 2:30 p.m.

Senate Meetings (2014—2015 academic year)
Fall Semester Spring Semester
September 24   FH, Room 110   January 28   FH, Room 110  
October 8   FH, Room 110   February 11   FH, Room 110  
October 22   FH, Room 110   February 25   FH, Room 110  
November 5   FH, Room 110   March 25   FH, Room 110  
November 19   FH, Room 110   April 8   FH, Room 110  
December 3   FH, Room 110   April 22   FH, Ballroom

*All meetings will take place at 2:30 PM in FH, Room 110 with the exception of April 22nd*