Campus Emergency Response Team

As a member of the Dowling College Campus Community, you may encounter a situation in which a student, staff or faculty member will exhibit behavior that can be alarming or threatening. Some individuals may be experiencing personal distress or having difficulty coping with daily activities. At times, these individuals may reveal these problems to you either directly or indirectly. Behavioral signs to be aware of include but are not limited to depression, extreme agitation or displays of anger and/or violence and aggression, disorientation, suicidal ideology, and alcohol or drug abuse.

The mission of the Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT) will be to ensure the safety and security of the. Dowling College Campus Community by analyzing behavioral issues and threats to the college, as well as its students, staff and faculty. CERT is compromised of several dedicated Dowling College professionals with the capability of analyzing, investigating and responding to all reported incidents.

In the event that you may encounter a behavioral issue or a threatening situation with a student, staff or faculty member you should report the incident immediately to CERT. Preferably, please follow the link to CERT on the Dowling College Intranet and fill out the form provided. This will automatically send an e-mail with the completed form to the team for immediate review. If you have any questions or concerns about CERT, you may also e-mail us at

In the rare event that you may encounter an individual exhibiting hostile, belligerent or dangerous behavior please take the following action:

  • In an emergency, call 911 immediately. Or you may contact the Security Office at 631-244-3109 or “88” from any campus phone.
  • Always think safety first by maintaining a safe distance between you and the aggressor.
  • Avoid escalating the situation.
  • Always report any incident to CERT by filling out the incident report form or sending an email to

Also, please be advised that the information you report will be handled both professionally and confidentially with the purpose of protecting all persons involved. Although CERT will investigate anonymous complaints, we do encourage you to submit your contact information so that you may be interviewed so that the incident can be fully investigated.