Richard Wolff

Richard Wolff
Professor of Speech, Media Studies, and Religious Studies
Speech, Media Studies, Dramatic Arts, and Dance



Dr. Richard Wolff has studied and published about the intersection of religion and media for almost 30 years. This includes a book titled The Church on TV: Portrayals of Priests, Pastors and Nuns on American Television Series. He is also an avid boxing and martial arts fan; he trains in both, and is working on a project that will examine fight sports in relation to the church and popular culture.

  • SPH 1004C Fundamentals of Speech Communication
  • MED 1001A Introduction to Mass Communication
  • MED 1039C Introduction to Film
  • MED 1069A Video Fieldwork and Editing
  • MED/REL 2001C Religion in Film, Television and News Media
  • MED 2010A Horror Films: Art, History, Criticism
  • MED 2069A Advanced VIdeography and Editing
  • MED 2150A New Media
  • MED 2041A The Films and Telefilms of Alfred Hitchcock
  • REL 1029C New Testament and Ancient Christianity
  • ASC 4182C A Cultural History of Boxing

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Ph.D. in Mass Communication (Ohio University, 1992)

S.T.M. in Church History (Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, expected 2017)

M.A. in Communication and Theology (Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, 1989)

B.A., Hons. in Media Production Arts, and Theology (Valparaiso University, 1987)

Cert. in Digital Video Production (New York University, 2002)