Peace Haven: A Cult in Oakdale

On October 12, 2015, Dowling Librarian, Diane Holliday, gave a lecture about Peace Haven: A Cult in Oakdale. The talk was about her research using a collection in the Dowling College Library. Peace Haven was the name given to the Idle Hour Mansion (now home to Dowling College) by a cult known as the Royal Fraternity of Master Metaphysicians. After a brief discussion about cults, metaphysics and previous occupants of the Idle Hour mansion, the talk examined the history of the group. Photographs and materials taken from the Library’s Special Collections were shared, along with articles published from the time (1938-1941). At the end of the talk, newsreel footage of the Cult’s demise was shown.
For more information about Peace Haven, or any of the items in the Dowling College Special Collections, please contact Diane at
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