Parent Letter Praises Dowling Baseball Program

Ms. Melody Cope

Vice President, Athletics:

I am writing to you to express my gratitude and appreciation to you and your staff for the outstanding and dedicated service you provide to your student athletes. Considering the fiscal climate and challenges of the school over the past few years, it was comforting to see a commitment to providing the student athletes an opportunity to excel.

My son, David Montiverdi, a recent graduate of Dowling College was a member of the Dowling baseball team for the past 3 seasons as a player. David was a “red shirt” his freshman year as he did not have enough transferable credits to make him eligible to participate. However, Coach Caputo took him as a walk-on and allowed him to participate with the team during practices as a team member his freshman year. David then participated in his last 3 years of study and was fortunate to be a member of 2 Dowling teams that earned berths to the NCAA Regional tournament.

David’s four years with the baseball team under the direction of Coach Tom Caputo has been challenging, rewarding and inspirational. Through David’s eyes and my own personal contact, I have nothing but admiration and respect for Coach Caputo as being person of integrity, honesty, character and a mentor that treats his players like family. Also, complimenting a great intellect for the game of baseball and how it should be played. Coach Caputo is well respected because he not only shows respect but he is humble and generous to those who interact with him. I have equal admiration for his coaching staff of Andrew Larsen, Matt Lyons, Mike Valiando, Matt Caputo and Joe Candela. Through their guidance, support and coaching abilities, the Dowling baseball program has earned its reputation as one of the best programs in the Northeast.

What I have appreciated most about David’s experience at Dowling was the honesty, guidance and the ability to give Dave a chance to excel in a game he loves and is passionate about at the collegiate level. David not only was a “walk on” and ineligible to play during his freshman year, but he also has ADHD, which I know can be challenging and frustrating at times not only for David but for any teacher/coach that interacts with Dave.   Coach Caputo and his staff were willing to work with David where some other coaches would not have the patience and understanding to give him his chance.   Over the past 3 years, I am sure it was a test of patience and understanding for the coaching staff and David, but their commitment to David and making him an integral part of the team did not waiver. I’m sure there are some good stories along the way which have cemented David’s legacy with the team, (coffee and Ritalin don’t mix just ask Coach Caputo).

For the past three seasons when I traveled to Dowling to watch the games, Coach Caputo and/or members of his coaching staff would always take a moment from their game preparation to personally say hi to me, but to make small talk about David or any topic of the moment. Also, the players would make it a point to come over to me in either introducing themselves if I did not know them or to make small talk if I did know them. For the coaches, I was grateful for them making me comfortable and feel at home for being an outsider and a Red Sox fan to boot. For the players, I was impressed by their respectful approach, both a reflection of their upbringing and the coaching staff.

David loves this team and the school with sincere passion. He truly embraced the #DCFamily meaning and expressed it in any way he can. I truly believe David will be a stronger, more confident person of will and character, as he begins a new chapter in his life with the experience/interactions he had with Coach Caputo and his staff. He will always carry the tradition and history of Dowling baseball with him in his endeavors.

Vice President Cope, I would like to personally thank you and your support staff for the “senior day” pre-game ceremony that was held on the field prior to the final game. The ceremony and gift presented to the players will certainly be something to remember for years to come. I have attended many senior day events as a coach myself and have not experienced anything similar in style. A job well done!

I sincerely want to thank you, as a member of the school administration, in giving Coach Caputo and his staff the support he needs in building and maintaining a successful baseball program. Coach Caputo is a truly a winner not only on the field, but in inspiring the young men he is entrusted with in challenging themselves to better prepare themselves both on the field and in the future as they enter their professional careers. Good luck to the Dowling Golden Lions in all their athletic endeavors.


Gerald M. Montiverdi, Jr

Gerry Montiverdi, Jr.


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