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Date: 3/15/2005 10:18:39 AM
Subject: Voicemail Retention

Hello, all,

At the Operations Committee meeting on March 10 we described our proposed voicemail retention policy. Our goal is to balance (1) the length of time messages are retained against (2) the maximum number of saved messages permitted for each user, and for the system as a whole.

We have set the following parameters:

  1. Each user may save any message for an unlimited period of time.
  2. Each user may retain up to 25 messages TOTAL in his/her mailbox.

Caution: don't let your mailbox get full!

We will review the number of saved messages in each mailbox, initially on a daily basis, and alert anyone whose mailbox is becoming full. If a mailbox tends to "bulge", we will raise that box's limit.


  1. Be VERY CERTAIN that you stay WELL BELOW the 25-message limit, because if your voice mailbox becomes full, no-one will be able to leave you a message. For someone at "The Personal College" to be unreachable for this reason is unacceptable.
  2. People who expect to be unable to check messages for a period, due to vacation or other reasons, should contact Telecommunications at x3407. We'll probably notice during our daily report reviews, and raise the limit, but a "heads up" would be helpful.
  3. This policy should NOT be considered a license to retain all messages forever. The system can save up to 5000 messages in total for our roughly 500 mailboxes. Most messages can be disposed of within several days; long retention should be the exception, not the rule. If we find that we are approaching the global 5000-message limit, a change in policy will be needed which MAY include allowing the system to delete messages automatically and without notice.

Director of Administrative Information Services
Dowling College, Oakdale, NY

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