Dowling Student Accounts FAQ

updated 2/2009

(1) Why bother? Why do I need a Dowling e-mail account?
Your Dowling e-mail account is the primary communication link between you and Dowling. Off-campus accounts cause privacy and reliability problems: privacy because we can't be sure who might be, and reliability because off-campus mail mingles with spam and might be blocked.

(2) What else is it good for?
The same username and password that you use for email, gets you into the PCs in the Academic Labs, the Blackboard Learning System and Student Records. When you change the password on one, the password on the others are automatically changed. More info is at

(3) How do I get in?
Activate your account at .

(4) I can't get in to my e-mail account what should I do?
Call either the Academic Computing Center at 244-3301 or the Help Desk at 244-3445. A staff member can reset your password, after which you should login and change it again. Your password must be at least 8 characters long, and should include some numbers and special characters.

(5) I don't want to use my Dowling e-mail. What should I do?
Your "" account is the only reliable means by which Dowling can communicate with you. But if you still want to use an account elsewhere, you can AUTOFORWARD all email by following the instructions here. Just remember that, because of rampant spam and virus problems on the Internet, off-campus email cannot be guaranteed.

(6) How much mail can I keep in the system?
Your mail quota (maximum mailbox size) is 125MB. If you exceed your mailbox quota, GroupWise allows you to continue logging in and reading mail, but you cannot send OR AUTOFORWARD any email. In order to resume sending, you must login and delete enough messages to fall below your quota.

(7) Where can I learn more about using GroupWise?
A short tutorial is here, and more complete documentation is here.

(8) Do I need to "activate" my account?
Yes, your account is not available until you activate it at By using your account, you agree to abide by the Dowling College Policy on Acceptable Use of Computing Resources. You only need to activate your account once, ever. You may, however, use the link to reset your password if you've forgotten it.

(9) Who gets an e-mail account?
All students registered for classes during the current or next term get an e-mail and network account. Each Fall and Spring accounts are deleted for students who have graduated or left the college. You keep your account through two major semesters after you leave. For example, if you graduate in May, 2009 you will keep your account through Fall and Spring, and it will be deleted in Fall, 2010.

(10) How do I deal with spam?
Most spam is caught by our quarantine system at . Browse there if you think a message was quarantined incorrectly. Do not use your Dowling e-mail for anything except Dowling-related business - this will keep spam to a minimum.

More documentation is at