GroupWise for Dowling Faculty, Staff and Administrators:
Frequently Asked Questions

Network Operations Center -- 8/23/2005

(1) What's it good for?
At Dowling, Groupwise is primarily used as an email and calendar system. Your "" email address is the primary address that Dowling community members use to communicate with each other, because Dowling to Dowling email is not subject to spam, spyware and virus filtering as is email that crosses the Internet.

(2) I can't get in to my e-mail account – what should I do?
If you're having trouble logging in, call the Help Desk at 244-3445. But if you're having trouble with particular features of GroupWise, the next question is for you…

(3) Where can I learn more about using GroupWise?
A short tutorial is at More complete documentation is at While we believe that the GroupWise e-mail client should be fairly easy to learn, training is available at the Office of Instructional Technology Resources, phone 244-3157.

(4) Who gets an e-mail account?
All employees known to Human Resources get an e-mail and network account. Banner access is granted by an approval process. Details are at this link.

(5) How much mail can I keep in the system?
Your initial mail quota (maximum mailbox size) is 50MB. If you exceed your allotted mailbox quota, GroupWise allows you to continue logging in and reading mail, but you cannot send mail until you delete enough messages to fall below your quota. If you believe your quota is insufficient please call the Help Desk at x3445 so we may investigate further.

(6) How do I deal with spam?
Spam counts against your mail quota, so it's important to take measures to minimize its impact. Do not use your Dowling e-mail for anything except Dowling-related business -- use another account for on-line shopping, E-Bay, and other personal uses. Free e-mail accounts are widely available, for example: Hotmail, Netscape, Yahoo. You'll receive a "GWAVA message restriction digest" every morning if spam has been quarantined, and you can "release" incorrectly-quarantined emails by clicking the Release button next to a message.

(8) Are there any "rules" governing the use of my accounts?
By using your accounts you agree to abide by the Dowling College Policy on Acceptable Use of Computing Resources. There is also a "best practices" document here.

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