Blackboard Usernames and Passwords for Students

Network Operations Center

Blackboard Username:

Your Blackboard username and password are the same as your Dowling network/email username and password. Your username always consists of three letters, plus one or more numbers. Activate or reset your email/student records account by visiting if you have not done so already.

Email in Blackboard

Your default email address in Blackboard is the Dowling College email address that is provided to all students upon registration. For example, John Q. Smith's default email address in Blackboard would be jqs12(at)


  • IE7  Internet Explorer 7 may fail on this version of Blackboard. Use IE6  IE6 or ffox  Firefox.
  • You must activate your student account before you can access Blackboard (or email, or Student Records). Visit .
  • If your Social Security Number is not in our Student Records System, you will not be able to activate your network/email account. Visit the Update Directory Information page to update your personal information.

Privacy and Reliability:

Your Dowling e-mail account is the official communication link between you and Dowling. Off-campus accounts cause privacy and reliability problems: privacy because we can't be sure who might be, and reliability because off-campus mail mingles with spam and might be blocked. Please use ONLY your Dowling email for Dowling business, and please use your Dowling email ONLY for Dowling business.

More information about email usernames/passwords:

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