Changing Your Banner Password

Network Operations Center -- 06/13/2005

Managing your password in Banner is easy:

  • Start by logging in with your old password, then access the GUAPSWD form.
  • Where it says "Oracle Password" enter your Old Banner password, that is, the initial password you were given for your first login.
  • You can leave the Database field blank. The production database where all "live" data resides is called PROD, and you're already logged into it.
  • What should you use for a password?
    • Your New Oracle Password (i.e., your new Banner password) should...
      • start with a letter, upper- or lower-case,
      • be at least 8 characters long, and longer is better,
      • contain only letters, numbers and spaces, case-sensitive,
      • be easy to remember so you don't need to write it down.
    • Consider using a "passphrase" like a short proverb, the first few words of your favorite song, the city and state where you were born, or a favorite movie character. All of these can easily contain upper and lower-case letters, and spaces. You can even spice it up by substituting zero for "O", 3 for "E" or 1 for "L" - you get the idea.
    • A good password is a crucial component of Banner security:
      • - You MUST NOT share it with anyone else,
      • - You should change it every semester, or more often if you think someone else knows it,
      • - You should NOT write it down, in case someone happens to find the note you wrote it on.
  • Once you have typed your password identically into both the "New Oracle Password" and "Verify Password" fields, click the OK button. If Banner says, "Password has been changed, reconnecting" then you're done. If it says anything else, call the Banner Hotline at x5033.

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