Registration \ Registration Tips

Current Dowling Students:
  1. Select your courses in consultation with your Faculty Advisor and enter the required information on your Registration Form.
  2. A non-refundable $225 deposit(for NEW STUDENTS only) for the Summer Session and Fall and Spring Semesters must be paid at the time of registration regardless of any financial aid package. Students must make full payment of tuition and fees or suitable arragements for payments.
  3. Students with a balance from previous term(s) must have it paid in full prior to registration. For special payment arrangements contact the Office of the Bursar at (631) 244-3013.
Undergraduate Students:
  1. Get a copy of your worksheet
  2. Schedule an appointment with your advisor
  3. Review the schedule. The schedule can be reviewed online on our webpage,
All undergraduate students are required to have an academic advisor review and sign their registration.

Registration in On Line Courses
With the exception of Dowling College NYS Department of Education registered and approved Distance Education programs, students cannot earn greater than 50% of their total credits in on line courses. Unless otherwise noted, on line credits toward undergraduate programs are not to exceed 60 credits and on line credits toward graduate programs are not to exceed 12 credits.

Online Registration:
If you are a Junior, Senior or Graduate student you may register online at, Student Information System.

All undergraduate students may register online with your PIN #. The PIN # can be requested upon advisement from your advisor. The PIN is for a one time use only. Graduate students may register online at anytime.

Telephone Registration:
If you are a Graduate student, you may register by telephone by speaking directly with a representative of the Registrar's Office or Student Services at (631)244-3250 or (631)244-3141, respectively. Fax Registration:
If you are a Junior, Senior or Graduate student, you may register by fax. Dowling College's fax number is (631) 244-1055. Click here for Fax Registration Form and Class Schedule Planning Worksheet.

In Person Registration:
You may register in person by bringing the completed registration forms to the Office of the Registrar, Room RC 101, Racanelli Bldg. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.   If you require assistance in selecting your courses or accomplishing your registration, current students may visit the Student Services Office in Room RC 101. Office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If for any reason you cannot bring in your completed registrations forms, we would allow a third party to do so on your behalf. We require a signed, written authorization from you which permits the named third party to register for you. Photo I.D. is required. Click here for Fax Registration Form and Class Schedule Planning Worksheet.

Eligible veterans may receive benefits during the terms. All forms and information regarding veterans may be obtained from the Veteran’s Representative in the Registrar’s Office.

Visiting Students
Students enrolled at other institutions of higher learning may register at Dowling College by telephone, 1-800-DOWLING (1-800-369-5464).

Students Auditing Classes
Audit registrations will be held for processing until two weeks prior to the start of each term.

New Students
All students planning to enroll for the first time at Dowling College should contact Enrollment Services at 631-DOWLING (369-5464)or1-800-DOWLING (1-800-369-5464).

Graduating Students
Students who expect to graduate at the end of the Winter/Spring or Summer terms must file a Graduation Application with the Office of the Registrar, Room RC 101, Racanelli Bldg or fill out the on-line application under the link "Guide to Graduation". If you have any questions regarding your graduation status, please contact ANNE ANDERSON of the Office of Degree Audit at 631-244-5080. Anne will be happy to assist you. 

Enrollment Services
The Office of Enrollment Services in Room 228 of Fortunoff Hall is open six days a week to assist new students with admission and enrollment applications and procedures.

Counselors are available to help you with any facet of the admissions process, including helping with the transfer process and answering any questions about necessary paperwork.

Now is the time to hand in any paperwork you may be missing including official transcripts and letters of recommendation.

Declaring A Minor
Undergraduate students who enter college as freshmen, with the exception of those majoring in one of seven "double majors,"” are expected to complete a minor as well as a major. These minors — generally fifteen to eighteen credits for their completion — afford students an opportunity to study in some depth a field other than their major, thereby at once broadening their academic experience while assisting them to see their major field in better perspective.