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About the Electronic Suggestion Box:

This ongoing forum is designed to enable all Dowling College faculty and staff to share ideas regarding the future of Dowling College directly with the College President and the President's Cabinet. Any staff or faculty member with suggestions for strengthening Dowling College and broadening its presence and impact on Long Island is encouraged to submit those suggestions through the Electronic Suggestion Box ("The Box").

Suggestions submitted via The Box will be transmitted to members of the President's Cabinet, and each suggestion will be reviewed at a subsequent Cabinet meeting with the College President in attendance. A determination will be made as to whether the suggestion (a) can and will be implemented, (b) needs further investigation/development, (c) is unlikely to effect positive change and therefore will not be implemented, or (d) will be reviewed again at a later time.

When submitting a suggestion via The Box, you have the option of identifying yourself or remaining anonymous. Naturally, if you choose to remain anonymous, the Cabinet or the President's Office will be unable to obtain additional input from you regarding your idea and its implementation. However, anonymity will not prevent your suggestion from receiving serious consideration and, if appropriate, effecting change.

Suggestions received via The Box which are subsequently implemented will be publicized to the Dowling community with acknowledgment given to the individual who submitted the suggestion. The individual first will be contacted for permission to announce his or her name as the source of the input. In the event of an anonymous suggestion, it will be identified as such.

NOTE: Anyone who has submitted a suggestion on which no apparent action has been taken, once more than 60 days have elapsed, may contact the President's Office for a current Cabinet review status, provided that the individual's identity was disclosed at the time of submittal. Review status will not be given for anonymous suggestions.

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