What You Need to Know about Technology at Dowling


Main Technology Page: http://www.dowling.edu/mydowling/tech/

Here is some information for faculty, staff and adminstrators about logins, PCs and related technology at Dowling:

  • The Help Desk: For faculty, staff and administrators, any question regarding your desktop PC should be directed to the Help Desk at x3445. The Help Desk is staffed Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm. During off-hours (at least, waking hours), for emergencies you may page a staff member by leaving urgent voicemail.
  • Network and E-mail: If you are an employee of Dowling (administrator, staff, full-time faculty, adjunct faculty) you already have both a network and an e-mail account. Human Resources alerts the Help Desk (x3445) of new employees and change of status, as well as terminations. If you do not think you have an account, or if you do not know its password, please call the Help Desk. Some of the links below require that you login with these credentials. Dowling email accounts are for sending and receiving official correspondence; we do not send sensitive information outside our systems.
  • Banner access is not automatically granted. It is obtained by printing and completing the form at https://my.dowling.edu/intranet/forms/general/banner.pdf . Forward the form to the Help Desk in FH032. Questions should be directed to the Banner HotLine at x5033.
  • Student accounts: All students automatically receive a network and e-mail account. The network account is necessary for logging in to computers in the Labs and to the Student Records system. The password for network and e-mail is always the same. Students can reset passwords at http://username.dowling.edu. If you are involved in assisting students you may wish to review the page about student passwords.
  • The GroupWise e-mail system is at http://email.dowling.edu . On campus faculty and admins may have the GroupWise Windows client installed after receiving some training from Instructional Technology, x3157. There is no POP3 access; IMAP access is only available on request to the Help Desk at x3445.
  • On-Line Learning: Faculty and students have access to Blackboard at http://blackboard.dowling.edu . Faculty accounts are created upon request to blackboard (at) dowling.edu - see the guide at http://www.dowling.edu/mydowling/tech/bbdocs/bb-fac-procedures.pdf . Students' usernames are the same as for e-mail and network, but passwords are independent. More documentation: http://www.dowling.edu/mydowling/tech/bb-docs.html .
  • PC Security: If you walk away from your PC for awhile (e.g., go to lunch) you should press Ctrl-Alt-Del and hit W to hide your screen and lock your PC until you return. On-campus PCs receive updates to their antivirus software, business and utility software and operating system when you login. This means that you should turn off your PC when you leave, restart and login when you arrive. If you must leave your PC logged in overnight, then you should restart it when you arrive the next workday. This is good policy for security reasons as well: it's hard for an outsider to attack a PC that's not powered on. Saves electricity, too.
  • Wireless: Students with wireless-enabled laptops may connect at Brookhaven (Buildings A and B), Kramer Science Center (Conservatory, all classrooms and labs), Racanelli Center (Library, Cafeteria, Student Lounges and many classrooms) and portions of Fortunoff Hall. Use SSID=ANY; there is no encryption.
  • The Media Center staff at x3360 can help you with Academic Computing Lab reservations and requests for media materials.
  • Telecommunications handles voicemail and phone-related issues. Please contact Ron Rosso at x3407. Moves and new installations are initiated by completing the Telephone Service Request Form at https://my.dowling.edu/intranet/departments/telecom/index.html.
  • Discussion Mail Lists: The College's mailing list site at http://lists.dowling.edu/cgi-bin/lyris.pl hosts both "broadcast" lists and "discussion" lists in several categories.
  • Broadcast e-mails ("announcements") can be aimed at faculty (full-time, adjunct or both), at staff and adminstration, and at students' Dowling e-mail addresses. To send a broadcast message, e-mail the text of your announcement to TurnerJ@dowling.edu. We strongly discourage sending anything except plain text in any announcement, but you may call Jesse Turner, to discuss further - 3304.

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