Remote Access How-To for Dowling Users


Secure remote access into the Dowling information systems is permitted for staff and administration by arrangement with Administrative Information Services. This document explains the processes involved.

Requesting access:

Department heads may request remote access for their staff or for themselves. Students are not permitted remote access. Simply send an email to helpdesk (at) dowling (dot) edu to initiate the process. Specify the person needing access, their location and phone number. Your Technology Help Desk support person will guide you from there.


The user's PC must have antivirus, antispyware and personal firewall software installed. When used at home, the PC should connect behind a router/firewall to a broadband network like Cablevision or FiOS; dial-up and satellite connections are too slow for satisfactory access. Help Desk can advise you about any software or hardware you may need, but installation and purchase is your responsibility.

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