Remote Control my Office PC



Your Help Desk support person will first setup your at-work PC. Here is what they will do:

  1. Create a static IP address so you'll always be able to connect,
  2. Install software on your Dowling computer to enable remote-control,
  3. Help you choose a password for the remote-control software.

Once all of the above steps are completed you will install a remote-control program called UltraVNC on your home computer, by following the instructions below.

User software installation:

Install UltraVNC:

  1. Browse to
  2. Download VNCViewer by clicking the link that looks like this:

    Save the file on your desktop or in another location that you can remember.
  3. Close your browser and open the file you just saved.
  4. In Windows 7 click on Extract all files and save the file to your desktop. The icon will look like this:

Install VPN software:

  1. Browse to If you see a security warning you can go ahead and accept the connection. Login with your Dowling email username and password.
  2. Download WG-MVPN-SSL.exe if your home computer is running Windows; otherwise choose the "WG-MVPN-SSL.dmg" version for Mac computers. Logout when you're done and close your browser.
  3. Run the "exe" or "dmg" program to complete the installation.

Daily operation:

  1. VPN connection:
    1. Run the Mobile VPN software whose icon looks like this:

    2. It asks for some information:

      Fill in the Server:
      Fill in your Dowling username and password.

    3. Click Connect and wait for the tray icon to indicate that you're connected:

  2. Initiate remote-control of your PC:
    1. Double-click the vncviewer icon on your desktop:

    2. Type in the IP address of your desktop PC, followed by ":95". For example, type ""
    3. Type in the password for remote-control.

      This is NOT the same as your network/email password!

  3. You may now operate your work PC as though you were sitting at your desk. When you are finished you should (a) restart your work PC and (b) disconnect the VPN:
    1. Restart your work PC by clicking Start, Restart. VNC will close automatically, and your work PC will no longer be logged in to the network - good security.
    2. Disconnect the VPN by right-clicking the Mobile VPN icon in your tray (lower-right) and selecting Disconnect. Then right-click it again and choose Exit.


  1. You must leave your desktop PC powered on at night. We recommend you logout or reboot as you leave for the day -- do not shutdown. You may also wish to turn off your monitor; this will not affect your ability to remote-control your work PC.

  2. If your desk PC's screen is much larger than your home PC's screen, you can either (a) use the scroll bars at bottom and right to move around or (b) right-click the small VNC icon at the top-left of your screen and choose Auto-Scale Screen to make it fit inside your monitor.

  3. Depending on the speed of your connection, you may be able to run Banner 8 directly by browsing to the link.

  4. If you are using a Dowling-issued laptop or other device which has the Novell client installed, you may be able to login and access your J: and K: drives. There are many factors that determine how satisfactory this capability will be, so use with caution.
    • Right-click the red N in your icon tray, and choose Novell Login: Then login as usual with your Novell/Email credentials.

  5. If you are using a College-issued laptop you have additional responsibilities:
    • You must never use the laptop in a public café-type setting, e.g. Starbucks. These locations are extremely insecure.

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