Usernames and Passwords for Students

Network Operations Center -- 10/2011

Your network/email/student-records account is automatically created the morning after you register for your first class. By using your account you agree to abide by the Dowling College Policy on Acceptable Use of Computing Resources.

Your account gives you access to email, to the PCs in the Computer Labs, to the Blackboard Learning System, and to the Student Records system. When you change the password on one, the password on the others are automatically changed.

So how do you login?


Find your username by visiting At the username site you will activate your account, which is necessary in order to login. You will need:

  1. Your Social Security number, or
  2. If you are an International student, your I-20 number.
The username site will set your password to a random value which you should write down. You should change it immediately...see below.

All student usernames consist of three letters followed by one or more digits.

Note: lower case is required.


If this is the first time you are using your Dowling account, you cannot access your account until you activate it by visiting You can also reset your password if you forgot it or it fails to work for some reason. There you will receive a random temporary password which you should write down.

What you do next depends on where you are:

  • If you are in a Computer Lab on-campus, startup the PC and login with your username and temporary password. The PC will ask you to change it as soon as you login.
  • If you are anywhere else, browse to and login with your username and temporary password. The system will ask you to change it as soon as you login.

You can also change your password while you're logged in to email - just follow the instructions here.

Choose a good password! It MUST be at least 8 characters long, and should contain numbers as well as letters; a little punctuation couldn't hurt, either. Don't use the password Hilton2Jail! but that's an example of an easy to remember but hard to hack password. Be creative! More suggestions are at good-passwords.html.

Account Retention

After you activate your account (see above) it remains available as long as you attend Dowling. In fact, you retain your account for three major semesters AFTER you leave Dowling, whether you graduate, take a leave-of-absence, transfer or just stop attending classes. So, for example, if you stopped attending after the Spring 2009 semester you retain your account through Fall 2009, Spring 2010, and Fall 2010. If you do not register for classes in Spring 2011, then your account will be retired.

You will receive several emails during the two weeks prior to your account being retired, so you'll have an opportunity to forward your emails elsewhere or let us know that you plan to return. We send these emails in March and October of each year.

Changes, Questions, Password Resets...

We cannot change your initially-assigned username. To do so would break many back-end links and make your online experience at Dowling very frustrating. Please don't ask.

You can reset your password at any time by visiting and identifying yourself with your Social Security Number (which will be hidden when you type it on-screen).

If your Social Security Number is not in our Student Records System, you will not be able to activate your network/email account. Visit the Update Directory Information page to update your personal information.

If you have any questions or if you have problems logging in please contact the Help Desk at (631) 244-3445 during normal business hours or visit the Academic Computing Center in Racanelli Center, Rudolph (Oakdale) Campus.

Note: Many people find it easier to change their password through their GroupWise email account, or after logging in at the Computer Labs. Step-by-step instructions are at .