How do I get a network connection?

Technology Help Desk -- 9/2011

First you will need to gather some important information which you will enter at

Once you have all the above information you can use any PC with Internet access to browse to There you will agree to adhere to the College's Policy on Acceptable Use of Computing Resources, enter the information gathered, and then click Send Request.

You should see a message saying "Success!". Wait 24 hours and your device will be registered for internet use.


  1. There is no paperwork that you need to file to get your dorm connection working. Just gather the information above and enter it into, which is only accessible on-campus.

  2. If you do not know your Dowling Username or your password doesn't work & you need to reset it, visit

  3. Before each semester we test every network line in the Residences to make sure it connects properly. Once you have registered your PC and waited 24 hours, if you cannot connect to any sites, try the troubleshooting steps at
  4. All registered students have Dowling email, network and Student Records System accounts. See to learn how to access them.

  5. Please be sure that you secure your PC to prevent spreading viruses. If your PC is infected and attempts to spread its infection, you will lose Internet connectivity until you fix the problem.