Allow Popups


The GroupWise web client uses popup windows for many functions. For example, when you click the (looks like paper and pencil) Compose button a popup window opens, allowing you to type, address and send your message. For this reason, you must allow popup windows when accessing GroupWise.

In Internet Explorer 6:

  • From IE's Tools menu (at the top) select Popup Blocker,
  • Select Popup Blocker settings,
  • Under Address of Web site to allow type, then click the Add button next to it,
  • Click the Close button.

Each browser that can block popups has a parallel procedure - check your browser's Help section for details. Popups can be blocked by many third-party products, such as personal firewall software, antivirus suites, anti-spyware programs, GoogleToolbar, etc.; check the product's Help file to learn how to make an exception for

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