Network Operations Center -- 5/2008

Our network provides a way to access your data files securely from off-campus. Users may find this capability useful as they collaborate to provide documentation. The instructions below give you the minimum information that you need to gain access from off-campus to K: on the network. Find further documentation by clicking Help at the NetStorage page, top-right.

How to access network directory while off-campus:

  1. Login and drill down:

    1. Browse to and login with your network username and password.

      netstorage-login (9K)

    2. Stay on the left side under "Folders" while you navigate. Click the "+" next to DriveK@Shared.

      netstorage-left-k (5K)

    3. Click and select the directory at the left to see its contents at the right. (In this case, we use NCATE as an example)

      netstorage-left-k2 (9K)

    4. Whenever you want to change directories, click the appropriate folder or "+/-" at the left side of your window. You can drill down into subfolders this way; for example, below we're viewing files in "/DriveK@SHARED/NCATE/NCATE SPA Institutional folders/NCATE Institutional Folders" by clicking the "+" next to "NCATE", then the "+" next to "NCATE SPA Institutional folders", and finally the "+" next to "NCATE Institutional Folders".

    5. netstorage-folders (17K)

  2. Open a file:

    1. In the right pane under "Location: /NetStorage/DriveK@SHARED/DirectoryName" click the box to put a check next to the file you want to open. In the picture above, we have placed a check next to the file "Action Letter.doc" which is a Microsoft Word ".doc" file.

    2. Select the File menu right under "Location: /NetStorage/DriveK@SHARED/DirectoryName", and select "Download". Note that if you have clicked on more than one document, they will all be downloaded together as a ZIP file. This might not be what you want. In that case, uncheck all except one file.

    3. netstorage-download (5K)

    4. Your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) should offer several possible actions on the file, such as Open, or Save. We suggest you Save the file on your desktop, or anywhere else - just remember where it is so that you can find it.

    5. Logout of NetStorage by clicking the door icon at the top. door-exit (1K)

    6. Then edit it in the appropriate program. In the case of our "Action Letter.doc", we will find the file and double-click it, which will open it in Microsoft Word.

    7. When you're done editing the file, Save it and exit your application, then login to NetStorage again as in step A-1 above,so you can upload the changed version of the file.

    8. In the left pane, select the folder and/or subfolder where you want to place the file. Use the "+" in the left pane to open the appropriate folders to upload your file where you want it.

    9. Under "Location: /NetStorage/DriveK@SHARED/DirectoryName" choose File, Upload.

    10. netstorage-upload (4K)

    11. In the Upload dialog box (below) use the "Browse" button to locate your edited file, and click Open.

    12. netstorage-upload1 (6K)

    13. Click the "Upload" button in the dialog box.

    14. Logout of NetStorage by clicking the door icon at the top. door-exit (1K)

NetStorage can be used for off-campus access to your personal files. To access your work J: drive, in step A) 2) above click the + next to Home@dowlingtree near the bottom of the list. Please ignore the entry labelled "DriveJ@%Login_name" - that one does not work.

Please contact the Technology Help Desk at (631) 244-3445 with any questions about this procedure.