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Smart Classrooms in Dowling

Oakdale Rudolph Campus - Racanelli Center
RC 202, RC 203, RC 204, RC 205, RC 308, RC 309, RC 310, RC 311, RC 312, RC 313, RC 314, RC 315, RC 316, RC 317, RC 318, RC 319, RC 320, RC 321, RC 322, RC 323, RC 324, RC 329, RC 330, RC 330A, RC 418, RC 419, RC 420, RC 421, RC 422, RC 423

Oakdale Rudolph Campus - Kramer Science Center
KSC 022, KSC 027,KSC 101, ,KSC 101A, KSC 102, KSC 103, KSC 104, KSC 206

Brookhaven Center
A103, A104, A105, A107, A108, A109, A110, A111, A112, A113, A114, A116, A117, A119, A120, B207, B208, B209, B122

Click here for information on how to operate the Smart Classrooms in Racanelli. Click Picture to Get Full View

You will need a network account to use the computer in the Smart Classroom.
Please print and fill out the Computer User Request Form and submit to your department head to apply for an account.

Download printable Computer User Request Form PDF
Download printable Kramer Smart Room Directions PDF

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