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Computer Lab Policies

  • NO food, NO drinks. If you are found with food or drink, you will be asked to leave the Lab.
  • If you must print a long document, print only up to 30 pages at a time.
  • The printers in the Labs are not copiers. If you need to print multiple copies, you must use a photocopier.
  • Power Point presentations should be printed at least 3 slides per page.
  • Please note that the labs are primarily for instruction. If there is not a class booked, you may use the computers in the room(s). However, if a class is in session, you may have to wait for a computer.
  • Class schedules are posted on the whiteboards outside each room. Please do not enter a room until you've checked the schedule.
  • Please keep music and conversations to a low volume; while we do not expect total silence, this is an academic environment. Please respect the rights of your fellow students.
  • Where CD burners are available, please be mindful of copyright laws. Each user is responsible for determining their individual need for gaining permission from copyright holder(s).
  • Game Playing: Limited recreational game playing by students, which is not part of authorized and assigned research or instructional activity, is acceptable, but computing and network services are not to be used for extensive or competitive recreational game playing. Recreational game players occupying a seat in a public computing facility must give up the use of the computer when others who need to use the facility for academic or research purposes are waiting.
  • We cannot allow printing on specialty papers (including resume paper), transparencies or labels. The unauthorized use of custom paper and especially transparencies and labels has in the past been the cause of expensive repairs and costly downtime. For custom printing needs, consult with Graphic Services, located in room 012 on the concourse level of Fortunoff Hall (244-3432).
  • Shirts and shoes are required for health and safety reasons.
  • Please park your bicycles in the bike rack outside the building. For safety reasons, they cannot be leaned against the walls inside or outside of the Lab.
For Dowling College's offical Copyright policy, please click here.

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