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Dowling College is not responsible for your data. Students are responsible for safeguarding their own work.
  1. Save your work frequently.
    Reason: Computers can crash unexpectedly. Work and information that is not saved is lost! Please save yourself headaches and save frequently.

  2. Save your work on two floppies and/or Zip disks.
    Reason: Floppies are not reliable and can be damaged easily. Always have a backup copy of your work. Also, consider using a Zip disk as they are sturdier than floppies.

  3. E-Mail your final work.
    Reason: Electronic form of your work in a trusted storage space is the most reliable way of keeping your final work. DON'T email your work to an unestablished e-mail service because you don't know when they might unexpectedly go out- of-business. We recommend you use your Dowling e-mail account.

  4. Do not consistently save your work on floppy disks.
    Reason: We can't emphasize this more even though it's already mentioned in Tip #2. Make backups and e-mail your work. Floppy disks can be unreliable. If your disk becomes corrupted, we cannot guarantee that your work will be retrievable.

  5. Do not pull out your disk when GREEN light is on.
    Reason: A green light means the computer is still reading off or writing to the disk. Pulling out the disk with a lit green light, means interrupting the computer's reading/writing process. This causes damaged disks!

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