Technology @ Dowling
Instructional Technology Support Services
Tim Kelly: 631-244-3157
Office: RC 313A
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm
Office: Room A206
Hours: By Appointment

The Office promotes improved student learning through facilitating excellence in teaching practices and supporting a wide range of faculty professional development activities. Our office aims to further the creativity, risk-taking, collaboration, and professional renewal among faculty members at all stages in their teaching careers. Specifically, the goals are to expose faculty to current knowledge and practice regarding teaching and learning; provide a forum for formal and informal exchanges of ideas and expertise; and stimulate, support, and reinforce pedagogies that optimize student learning.

The Office provides training and support in the use of currently available classroom technologies and MS Office applications. Assistance is available on an individual walk-in basis as well as via scheduled blocks of instruction.

The Oakdale Campus office contains a Faculty Resource Center which features a Teacher station with a wall mounted SmartBoard and available instruction, 10 workstation computers, a scanner, as well as many other hardware and software items. Stop in for help converting and creating lecture notes into PowerPoint slide shows, stop by and learn how to use the Blackboard CMS to facilitate online, hybrid and conventional courses, how to receive, correct and return assignments using only Word and E-mail, without paper or red ink.

We currently have PowerPoint tutorials on many popular applications packaged with exercises and course outlines for distribution to the faculty. Stop in for some info.

Meet the Trainer

Tim Dr. Tim Kelly
Instructional Technologist

Phone Number: 631-244-3157
Email: KellyT at
Office: RC 313A

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