LDAP Student Address Book

Network Operations Center -- 11/2007

You may need to communicate by email to students. But students' email addresses are not visible in the address book in GroupWise. Follow these instructions to let GroupWise show you students' emails.

For GroupWise WebAccess (right below)  GroupWise Windows

For GroupWise Windows Client  GroupWise Windows

Instructions for GroupWise WebAccess: GroupWise Windows

You already have a Student Address book! Here's how to use it:

  1. Click New to begin sending a new email message.

  2. Below the Mail Message header click the Address Book button.

  3. Below the Address Book header click the LDAP Address Book button all the way on the right.

  4. Notice under "Address Books:" that gwstu address book is already selected. Fill in your First Name and Last Name search terms and click the Search button at the right. As an example, we're looking for students whose last name begins with "jones". The search is not case-sensitive.

  5. GroupWise will tell you how many matches it found. You may wish to increase the "Number of names to display" to see them all.

  6. Put a check next to the emails you want to send to, then click "To" "CC" or "BC" as you prefer. If you click BC then students will not be able to see each others' email addresses.

  7. You should see the addresses added at the right.

  8. If you click the Save Group button you can retain this selection of addresses. You may find this useful for collecting students in a particular class, club or other group. When we clicked the Save button, in our Personal Address Book was a new entry titled "theJones".

Instructions for GroupWise for Windows: GroupWise Windows

  1. Click the Address Book button at the top-left of your GroupWise window.

  2. Below the word Online at the top-left of your Address Book, click Novell LDAP Address Book, then click the Directories button

  3. In the Internet Directory Accounts window, click the Add button on the right.

  4. For Account Name we suggest Students.

  5. Enter the Server address Leave the rest unchanged, and click the Finish button.

  6. You're not finished, though. Select your new Students directory and click the Properties button.

  7. When you open the Properties window the Connection tab is selected. Click the Searching tab...

    and enter, as we did, ou=stu,o=dowling . There are no spaces and no period, but there's a comma after "stu".

  8. Now click the button.

  9. In the Search Fields window put a check next to mail...

  10. then scroll down a bit and put a check next to sn.

  11. Now click OK to close the Search Fields window, Apply and OK to close the Students Properties window, and Close to close the Internet Directory Accounts window. Your Student Address Book is now ready to use!

To use your new Students Address Book, while composing a message click Address Book, then pick the Novell LDAP Address Book, which is usually the second address book listed at the left. By default it will search for names that "begin with" some characters, but you can click the icon to select names that "contain" certain characters. Then click the Retrieve button.

Please contact the Technology Help Desk at (631) 244-3445 with any questions about this procedure.