Setup Outbound SMTP

Network Operations Center -- 8/2007

Outgoing mail from Dowling is restricted so that it must flow through our server, We require this because:

  • Worms and viruses trying to send directly could land us on one or more of the Internet mail blacklists; all mail from Dowling would be banned from many servers.
  • Hackers have setup networks of "zombie" PCs to send out mail, and are actually selling access to these PC networks to spammers; we would prefer not to participate.

If you want to use Outlook, Eudora or other non-GroupWise email clients to connect to off-campus mail servers such as Earthlink, Optonline or others, you can ... IF you already have a Dowling email/network account. All students, staff and faculty have accounts. Though we cannot give you explicit directions for all the possible combinations of inbound and outbound connections, we can show you an example.

Suppose I use Optimum Online's email. I know the following information:

  • Optonline allows me to use POP3 to retrieve my email,
  • Optonline's mail server is,
  • I want to use Outlook Express to send and retrieve mail with my Optonline account named Smith1234
  • I have a Dowling email/network account, named abc123, and I know my password.

In Outlook Express I'll setup a new account:

  • Select tools, accounts, mail.
  • Click Add, Mail.
  • My Display Name is Bob Smith
  • My E-mail address is Smith1234
  • My incoming mail server is a POP3 server, named
  • Since I can only send outbound mail from a Dowling server, my Outgoing mail server is
  • Click Next
  • Account name and password on this page are for incoming mail at Optonline, so I enter my Optonline account, Smith1234. They do not use Secure Password Authentication so I leave that box unchecked.
  • Click Finish, then select Properties for this new account, and click the Servers tab
  • At the bottom under Outgoing Mail Server, check the box for "My server requires authentication"
  • Click the Settings button.
  • I click the "Log on using" button and enter my Dowling account name, abc123 and your Dowling password
  • .
  • Click OK, OK and Close.

Obviously, the exact procedure varies among mail clients, and the details you enter vary among email providers. But you get the idea - for outgoing mail, use your Dowling credentials and server, and for incoming mail, use your ISP's.

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