GroupWise Proxy Access



Administrative users may be called upon to proxy into another email account. Examples of when this is required:

  • An employee has left the College, and you need to respond to email still arriving in their account,
  • A shared email account has been setup for your department to send email "from the department" instead of from an individual.

Proxy access is granted by Information Services at the request of your Responsibility Center Head. You may proxy into another account from either the GroupWise Windows client or the GroupWise Web client. Here's how...

Windows Client  Windows Client

  1. Click the word Online  FirstMenu  near the top left of your GroupWise client window.

    A menu should open showing your name instead of mine.

  2. Click the word Proxy... to show this window:

    Menu Choice

    Again, your name will appear instead of mine.

  3. Proxy Username  Enter the username to proxy to, replacing your own name; or click the Address Book icon to search for the user. Then click OK to enter the proxy account.

  4.   While you are working in the proxied account, the top-left menu shows the word Proxy.

  5.   After completing your work, return to the top-left menu and select your own name. This will return you to your own email account.

Web Client  Web Client