Import Address Book

Network Operations Center -- 3/2009

Your I.T. folks may create a an address book file for you which can be imported into GroupWise for Windows by following the instructions below. Be sure you know the location of your address book file - for example, you may have saved it on your desktop.

Note 1: instructions for I.T. staff to setup an address book for user import are at
Note 2: applies to GroupWise for Windows version 8. There may be differences in how GroupWise 7 and earlier behave.

How to import myaddressbook.NAB into your GroupWise Windows Address Book: GroupWise Windows

  1. Click the Address Book button at the top-left of your GroupWise window.

  2. AddressBook

  3. Select File, Import.

  4. import

  5. Browse to wherever you saved your address book, select it, and click Open.

  6. select

  7. In the Choose Address Book dialog box click the New button.

  8. select

  9. Give your new address book a name, then click OK.

  10. select

  11. A window like this indicates success. Anything else merits a call to I.T..

  12. select

You now have a new MyAddressBook address book containing the email addresses that your I.T. folks setup for you.

You may find it useful to see the first and last names of the members of your address book. Simply right-click the header over the email fields (e.g. "Office Phone") and check or uncheck the fields you want to see. When I.T. sets up an address book for you, we give you Name, First Name and Last Name - these are the fields you should check, and only these fields.

To use your new Address Book, while composing a message click Address Book, then pick the appropriate Address Book listed at the left. By default it will search for names that "begin with" some characters, but you can click the icon to select names that "contain" certain characters. Then click the Retrieve button.

Please contact the Technology Help Desk at (631) 244-3445 with any questions about this procedure.