Import Address Book - Setup Address Book for User

Network Operations Center -- 8/2009

These instructions are terse, explaining to the I.T. folks how to setup an address book for import by the user.

First you must setup an address book in the proper format to be imported by the user:

  1. Obtain a list of email addresses. They can be all-internal, all-external or a mix. They should be in file with a CSV suffix, in the following format:

    "Name","First Name","Last Name"
    "","George T.","Forman"

    Adjust the file format to match this spec exactly.
  2. Click the Address Book button at the top of GroupWise.
  3. Click to select your own Address Book. (The process won't let you continue if you have selected Novell GroupWise Address Book.)
  4. Select File, Import. Ensure that "Files of type" says "All importable files..."
  5. Select the CSV file you prepared above, and click Open.
  6. In the Choose Address Book dialog click New.
  7. Under Create address book enter a name for the address book, e.g. Aero200909.
  8. In the Choose GroupWise Columns for CSV Data dialog, if you have formatted your file correctly it should pick up the field names that match GroupWise's known fields, as below: choose

    Click OK to perform the import. A dialog box indicates progress to completion. complete

  9. Click Close.

Now save the address book for the user to import.

  1. IMPORTANT: Select the address book you just imported.
  2. Choose File, Export.
  3. In the Choose Export Source dialog choose Entire Address Book, then click OK.
  4. Enter a sensible name for the exported NAB file, and click Save.
  5. Close Address Book.
  6. Email or drop the file for the user, and give him/her this link of instructions: