Exiting GroupWise Web Client

Network Operations Center -- 10/13/2004


There is a right way and a wrong way to exit GroupWise. This applies to any web-based application where you need to login, including webmail like HotMail, Yahoo, and the like.

How NOT to Exit GroupWise

Click the X at the very top-right of the GroupWise window.

Wrong way to exit

If you "x-out" of a site where you have logged in, your session remains active - in other words, you're still logged in. If you try to login again before your session "times out" then your web browser will become confused, as will the GroupWise server.

How to Exit GroupWise Safely

Find the Exit button at the top of the GroupWise window, and click it:

Right way to exit

Exiting using the Exit button logs you out of the server. If you decide to login again, even right away, you'll start a new session because the old session is "gone."

Remember: this applies to ALL web-based applications where you need to login. Always look for an Exit or Logout button rather than just closing the browser window.

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