GroupWise Windows Client: Setting up an Archive

Network Operations Center -- 10/23/2004


If you are using the GroupWise Windows client as opposed to WebAccess, and if you tend to keep some of your messages for a long time, you may eventually run out of space for your email. Even cleaning out old messages more aggressively, and forcing immediate deletion of spam (see may not prevent you from running out of space.

The solution is to tell GroupWise to archive your old mail. Archiving copies the mail to a folder you select, either on your local hard disk or on your network home J: drive, then deletes it from the mail server. You can still access it by pressing one button in the GroupWise client.

Like email space, file storage space is not an unlimited resource. We advise you to use it in an "environmentally sound" way: continue to delete spam and old, unneeded messages from your archive as well as your regular mail store.

To setup archiving:

  • In the Windows client select Tools, Options.
  • Click the Environment button and select the File Locations tab.
  • Use the folder button on the right to browse to the location where you want your archive.
    • You may click the Make a New Folder button if needed.
    • You may wish to save your archive on your home J: drive on the network (see notes below)
  • Click OK when you've selected a location
  • Select the Cleanup tab
    • Ensure that the Auto-archive after button is selected.
    • By default, messages are archived after 30 days; change this number if you like.
  • Click OK to close the Environment window and save your settings.

To open your archive:

  • Look for the word Online at the top-left corner of the GroupWise client window,
  • Click Online to pull down a menu.
  • Select Archive.

To move an archived message back to your mailbox:

  • While viewing your archive, right-click the message.
  • Select Move to Archive. This will remove the checkmark and return the message to your mailbox. It will no longer be visible in your archive, but when you return to your Online mailbox, the message will be in the corresponding location (Mailbox, cabinet, Sent Mail, etc.).

To return to your Online email:

  • Click the Archive button where the Online button used to be,
  • From the pull-down menu, select your name - this returns you to your current email.


  1. The settings for archiving location and schedule are kept on the mail server. If you routinely move from PC to PC where you run the GroupWise Windows client, then you may find it useful to store your archive in a folder on your J: drive. That way it will be available wherever you login.
  2. If you use a laptop that you carry from work to home and back, and you select a network drive for storing your archive, you will not be able to access it while off campus. Contact the Help Desk at x3445 for further options, or select a local folder instead.

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