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Dowling's Faculty, Administration and Staff utilize a variety of Intel-based Windows PCs, primarily from IBM. The standard desktop has a Pentium III or 4 processor, at least 256Mb RAM, and either a 17-inch CRT or 15-inch flat-panel display. Frequent automatic updates keep PCs current, and capable of running the productivity software commonly used at Dowling: Microsoft Windows (2000 or XP), Microsoft Office, BANNER, Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Antivirus Software (CA's eTrustAV), Anti-spyware software (WebRoot SpySweeper).

Desktop computers connect to Dowling's local-area network (LAN) via a switched Ethernet network operating at 100-megabit and gigabit speeds. The LAN at the Brookhaven Center and the LAN at the Oakdale Rudolph Campus are connected together to comprise a single, unified network environment. Dowling's LANs are connected to the Internet at 10 megabits/second, easily expandable to 45-megabits if the need arises in the future. Cablevision-Lightpath provides our Internet service. A diagram of our network structure is here.

The Dowling networks contains numerous Novell and Microsoft servers providing file, print and other services, and provides authentication to a Novell NDS "tree." The majority are IBM Netfinity servers with processors, disk and memory that vary according to their roles. Our biggest server is a new Netfinity eServer-250, a file server for the majority of our administrative and staff users, which has 176Gb of disk storage. An IBM p630 server houses Banner, the core "mission-critical" database service for Dowling.

Residence Halls:
The Office of Information Technology also manages the Residence Halls' network connectivity at both Brookhaven and Oakdale locations. Students share the Internet connection with Faculty, Administration and Staff. Each residence suite has several Ethernet connections which operate at 10 Megabits/second. Students are required to register their PCs and assent to the College's Acceptable Use Policy; for details and procedure click here or see the Student Technology Manual PDF section 12 on page 7.

Meet the Team

Pat Abdul
Patrick Petersen
UNIX and Network Administrator
Phone Number: 631-244-3460
Email: PeterseP at
Office: FH 025
Abdul Qureshi
Network & Server Technician
Phone Number: 631-244-3056
Email: QureshiA at
Office: FH 025

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