Erik Paulson, Acting CFO & Treasurer

In today's high-tech world, computers have become an important facet of our everyday lives. If you are a member of the full-time faculty, staff or administration of Dowling College, you may be eligible for a salary advance for up to one year to help you purchase a personal computer. Here are the details:

  1. You are eligible if you are:
    • a full-time faculty (including sabbatical), staff or administrator of the College,
    • have been employed full-time for at least one year,
    • are not on probation or leave of absence.

  2. You must obtain a formal quotation from a vendor, specifying the equipment that you want. It must be no more than $3,000. If you like, you may contact I.T. staff at x3445, x3301 or x1308 for advice.

  3. Make an appointment to with the Controller's/Treasurer's Office, x3065, who:
    • must approve the purchase,
    • will give you instructions for completing the appropriate forms,
    • will give you instructions for completing the remaining steps of the process.

  4. The purchase price will be divided by 26 payrolls. This amount will be automatically deducted from your bi-weekly salary until the full amount is paid. If you leave employment before full payment is made, the full remaining balance is immediately due.
Erik Paulson
Acting CFO & Treasurer
Dowling College
(631) 244-3107

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